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Completely secure purchase at
We would like to show you what security guarantees you have when you make purchases in our online store. is concerned and takes care of the security of the data you provide us, both personal and banking. We will never share your personal information and we will never store your banking details. Your payment data will be encrypted, always.
How to guarantee that it is a secure page?
  1. A padlock appears in the browser bar, the legend "is safe" and the URL begins with https. The final letter "s" means that the website is encrypted.
  2. Contains an SSL digital certificate . This means that all connections between you and us are secure and all sensitive data we exchange will be encrypted.
  3. We have a PCI DSS certificate (Payment card industry data security standard) which assures you that Mulhouse Store is a company that meets all the standards of policies, technologies and processes to protect you against information leaks and theft of credit card data.
  4. Satisfaction guaranteed. We have a very friendly return policy that guarantees your money back by following a few instructions and requirements.